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Added: 04.06.2018


Review on SDR-CAPITAL: digital miners of the XXI century


Hello, dear readers of the blog! 

Today we have a review of the HYIP, which, surprisingly, at first sight creates a favorable impression and who initially would like to believe. This mid-income project appeared just in the midst of a deficit, when in the middle of the season most worthy representatives retired, and the newcomers were made frankly bad and damp.

Whether this HYIP of your attention and money is worth asking is to learn from our review. In the first part, we will inspect the fundamental components of the project, and in the end we will end with an independent personal recall.


Foundation / start of the project:



from 3.5% to 4.4% daily

Duration of deposit:

60 days 90 days

Affiliate program:

3-level, 5%-2%-1%

Payment systems:

Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro


Instant (withdrawing to card – till 5 days)




  • Officially registered in UK legal entity (Reg. 11206720);
  • SSL-certificate with GreenBar from Comodo;
  • DDOS-protection from CLOUDFARE;
  • Script from H-Script;
  • Dedicated server.



According to the legend, SDR-CAPITAL GROUP is an innovative company, which main activity is investing in Blockchain technology and such basic cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin and others. We are the only one of its kind investment platform, which has an already operating business, founded by professionals experienced team. We have built a cryptocurrencies “mine” in the north of China with a total capacity of 23 PH/s while cooperating with Bitmain.

According to the statements, today it’s rather difficult and expensive to get virtual money. Independent mining (this was possible at the beginning of Bitcoin emergence) is impossible. There are different ways of mining, but the best option is to create an ASIC-processors-based farm. Such equipment cost is very high. Our company is provided with the unique rates, we get the equipment at the best possible price. Our company has a powerful farm now, but we are going to increase our capacity. 

“Our company is also engaged in with investmenting in cryptocurrency – we are sure this is the right choice. Everyone knows that initial cryptocurrency rate has grown thousands of times over the past few years! And the cryptocurrency market capitalization has crossed the threshold of 400 billion dollars. 

The demand for cryptocurrency is explained by the following advantages: high level of security; transparency of all operations performed; fast processing of transactions, no need to notarize transactions or conduct transactions via banks and other financial institutions. 

We work 24/7, without days off and breaks in order to give our customers an opportunity to get a good profit.»


The administration of the site worked well on the design and user-friendliness of the site. Simple and clear design always has and creates the right impression about the thoughtfulness of the creators’ actions. Administration knew at what certain moments it is necessary to pay attention to the user and what exactly to hook.

High response speed and smooth operation indicate a quality script under the hood and good server hardware.

The site is available in two languages – English and Russian. The Chinese language is not yet available and is under development.

For interaction with the administration there are several channels for communication – application form, telegram-chat, skype, phone number.

The personal cabinet of the project is made in the same style with the overall design of the site. Navigation is carried out without any problems. The necessary tabs for input / output of funds and information about deposits are always available to the user.


12 plans with terms of 60 or 90 days are presented to the investor. While the term of 3 months is quite risky, the plans for 2 months, not particularly losing in profitability, look attractive.

The main dividing line is the division of deposits into USD (dollar) and crypto-currency deposits.

Also, the depositor should be noted that the rate of return on weekends for all deposits is the same and is 1%. The body of the deposit is also included in the payments.


Initially, I would like to note the strong side of the project – in terms of visual and organizational components performed at a very good level. The site is not overloaded with information and allows the user to navigate freely without unnecessary headaches and wasting time to understand what’s what.

The zest, consisting in the creation of its crypto-exchanger in the near future, also serves as a small advance in trust for the future. Involuntarily you think – maybe the guys decided to play long?

And now you are ready to believe and forgive the small mistakes of the administration, to invest your secret funds for 90 days and to believe in a favorable outcome. But there will find out few more things.

I propose to focus on two basic omissions of the administration of the project, which make you think about the false intentions of the creators and messengers of the scam:

  • Watery and weak legend – the administration, though off-the-shelf terminology, wanted to show its knowledge about the niche in which the project supposedly functions. Only now there is one point – where are the proofs, where the confirmation of their words? The whole farm with 1000+ processors in the north of China is, of course, good. But where is any statistics on the conduct of activities? Where the facts and, at least, the desire to show future investors (on which this fairy tale is calculated) where they invest their money. After all, you could have spent a little bit of your time and make a free video-tour, communication with specialists, and at the end reinforce the whole thing.

The result is one – a lie. After all, all that we see in the legend is information, everyone can read on Wikipedia pages and portals about mining. There is no information that confirms the special knowledge and experience in this niche.

  • Absence of a legal components – When your company conducts activity in territory of two such powers as the Great Britain and China, and the kind of its activity confidential management of means of investors, and also mining криптовалют, the quantity of documentation accessible to the investor should correspond to scales. We see only 2 things – a certificate of registration of the company, which, in fact, serves as an ordinary reference, which tells us that such a company exists. And also a short and written for 30 minutes’ user agreement. All. Is this a serious approach? You can lie much more deliberately.


In the end, I want to say that although the lie from the administration of the HYIP is obvious, but this does not exclude the possibility of taking risks for those who wish. The first and second investment plan for 60 days can be considered as an option for investments.

Only here it is worth keeping in mind that the investment in the project from the side of the creators is not that big, and therefore it costs them only to repel the invested funds and get into profit, as on all monitors you will see one thing – SCAM.

Denis Stefanov. Specially for