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Added: 05.03.2018


Review on Ryna Holdings: it is better to do nothing than do it badly

 Project is SCAM. Do not invest!

Hello dear visitors of our blog ExpertPROF.com!

Almost a month ago appeared a brand new long term HYIP, promising a moderate yield. It is interesting to note that the project places its main focus on an affiliate program based on network marketing. Unlike most representatives of the HYIP industry, Ryna Holdings trying to additionally motivate its investors to build a network of partners. Although the largest HYIP-monitors and reviewers are singing the praises to this project, we will independently check it for strengths and weaknesses.

In the first part of this review, we will describe the main points and the first impression about the project, and in the final part we will give our personal feedback about this HYIP.



Start of the project:



from 0.8% to 1.8% per day

Duration of deposit:

1 year

Affiliate program:

Nine-level, from 7% to 22.5% of the partner’s deposits

Payment systems:

Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple


Manual (till 12 hours)





The days when a good technical stuffing could surprise are gone. Now it is a direct responsibility for any of the projects, otherwise no one even look at it. At Ryna Holdings we can see:

  • Officially registered in UK legal entity (reg. 10989892);
  • SSL-certificate with GreenBar from Comodo;
  • DDOS-protection from X4B DDoS Protected Announcements;
  • Script from ShadowScripts;
  • Dedicated server.


According to the legend Ryna Holdings is a financial holding company, which started its activity in October 2017. The company trades in crypto-currencies, as well as on the stock market and Forex markets. According to the provided information, the portfolio of this HYIP includes «… both major and promising cryptocurrencies, including carefully selected ICOs and mining partnerships».


It is worth to mention that the website design is pleasant and easy to read. The website is easy to use as well. Its structure is logical and understandable. With the exception of a few flaws (detailed attention on them we will turn in the final part of our review) the website is made on a very good level. Administration of the project did not stint on creating additional materials for the overall positioning of the project. The advertising video about the project was made qualitatively by the hands of a skillful spec. Despite the fact of weak activity on the public pages of the project in the Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter, etc. the admins clearly decided to fret over an order of magnitude of average. 

The personal cabinet has everything necessary for correct work. Simple and clear design allows you to navigate without any problems. Common payment systems are connected to the project, which facilitates the deposit of deposits without excessive conversion.



The HYIP has only 3 investment plans with a floating rate of return. Gradation occurs on the amount of the deposit. The deposit term of 365 days will not be interesting to the overwhelming majority of investors who seeking for easy profits, but will serve, albeit doubtful, as an option to stabilize the personal portfolio through a low-yield and long-term project. It is also worth noting that the deposit is already included in payments, so the yield rates on the fact are lower than declared.

  • BASIC (10 – 1000 $) – Yields from 0,8% to 1% per day for 1 year (Clear net profit from 192% to 265%);
  • TOP (1001 – 5000 $) – Yields from 1,2% до 1,4% per day for 1 year (Clear net profit from 265% to 411%);
  • ULTIMATE (от 5001 $) – Yields from 1,5% per day for 1 year (Clear net profit from 447,5%).



One of the unique features of this HYIP is its affiliate program. Against the backdrop of the information provided and the general focus of Ryna Holdings, investment plans seem to go into the background, giving a way to its affiliate program (or as the project itself calls it – Career).

The career consists of 9 levels. The main message is to reach new levels and get rewards. The only goal is similar to network marketing – to create a turnover in your personal structure by inviting new partners to the project. 

The Turnover is the total of sales in your whole personal downline (9 levels deep). The Turnover amount is taken into consideration in descending order from 100% on level 1 to 10% on level 9.



Example: Let us assume that there are 3 members in your downline. Referral #1 is your direct referral and invests $1,000. Referral #2 is the referral of the referral #1 and invests $2,000. Referral #3 is the referral of the referral #2 and invests $10,000. It implies that your team turnover is equal to 100% * 1,000 + 80% * 2,000 + 50% * 10,000, that is to say, $7,600. 


Yes, it is done beautifully. Yes, it has a special twist, but… comparing with other low-profit HYIPs, it would be difficult for Ryna Holdings to get a leader position.

No matter how hard the administration tried to make a quality project, there are still many unforgivable defects that make lots of doubts about long-term intentions of its creators. Further on the points:

  1. Weak legend. There is an impression (or, most likely, they wanted to create this impression intentionally) that the admins of the project are not Russian-speaking. Hence a lot of curves translations with literally BS statements and full with nonsense. Also, some points make to doubt the competence of management team.

In the FAQ section in the answer to the question about the field of activity, they wrote “We work in the areas of financial holdings and trade (stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies)”. Although the meaning of the written is true, but the construction of the sentence and used terminology shows us real amateurishness. Sorry, but no expert who works in this field FOR REAL would NEVER write so primitively.

The next answer on the other question “Who can join us?” most likely was given by the teenager, who wrote: “We are a worldwide opportunity so we are open to all individuals of adult age in any country.” Say what? Adult age? Are you seriously? The hope for the official style of presentation (it is financial company, worth to recall) disappears completely. 

  1. Curve text and whole filling of the website. Further, with a detailed examination of the project’s website, we can see an unpardonable empty spaces in the fundamental sections of the website. In the sections of “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” on the Russian version of the website, we see an empty text-log Lorem Ipsum, which is used as a common placeholder. But, well, if we will switch to English version of the website…. Surprise (actually not)! The text has not logic and commonness with the real field of activity of the project. Clear copy/paste from a third-party source. After all, this is rarely read, so you can insert there anything. Yes, main audience of the project – Russian-speaking, so even an agreement that is asked to sign during the registration did not bother to translate in Russian. After all, the main thing is the appearance of professionalism. Any nonsense written in English, loses its meaninglessness.  
  2. Lack of transparency. From official information and documentation, we have only a certificate of registration of the company. White papers of registered in the UK legal entities can now bought for 10 dollars per kilo. This is not surprising. No support services, contact phones and mails too. Information about specialists who are involved in the management of your invested funds, and their experience is also missing. You can only fill the form of support and wait for an answer for a 24 hours.

We can add the list with a few more comments, but the above is enough to reflect on the search for a better project where you can invest your funds.

For lovers of risk there also is nothing to look for, as the proposed yields are not so high. 

And for those who still want to invest in this HYIP, I want to note that investors who will want to enter the project in late March / mid-April are at the greatest risk in the group. The risk is due to the fact that the likelihood that the HYIP will not survive the end of the season and will scam in June is too high.

Therefore, I advise you to choose projects to invest in reasonably and do not believe in all these loud promises. So wish you a good luck and success in the fields of high-yield investment.


Denis Stefanov. Specially for ExpertPROF.com