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Review on RespectBet: minimalistic and invisible

Hello to all readers of the blog!

Today on our review HYIP that attracts with its restraint and the absence of excessive excitement in the HYIP industry. Among its relatives, this project firmly holds the positions of low-yielding investment fund. 

While the main sides of the RespectBet pleases the eye and fill the piggy bank of trust, there are still details that can cause a share of doubts.

In the current review, we independently go through the main positions of the projects and will check out RespectBet for durability.


Start of the project:



from 7.5 up to 15% per month

Duration of deposit:

from 3 to 12 months

Minimal amount of deposit:

10 000 RUR / 200 USD / 200 EUR

Affiliate program:

10% of partner’s profits

Payment system:

Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, QIWI, Yandex.Money, WebMoney (paymer)

Bank transfers:

Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, MIR, Tinkoff,

Promsvyazbank, VTB24, Russian Standard and etc.


Manual (every week or at the end of investment)




HYIPs are far from being new. The days of the open amateurism from project creators are gone. Madeon-knees projects almost gone. As soon as such “raw” project will appear, it immediately awaits a boycott and distrust of the public.

Hence, a good fillings is already a direct responsibility for the creators. If we will open hood of the RespectBet we will see:

  • SSL-sertificate with Green Bar from Comodo;
  • DDOS-protection from;
  • Unique script;
  • Dedicated server.



According to the legend of the project, RespectBet chose an interesting niche – the market of sports betting.

The essence of the work is a trust management of the attracted investments. It’s simple. The project takes attracted funds and makes sports betting. It is stated that the experience of the management team is 6 years.

“In RespectBet, trust management is based on attraction of external investments and creation of an investment fund. The resources of the fund are allocated in betting accounts of bookmaker’s offices and used to support the ongoing activities. Therefore, the classical tools of financial markets are effectively applied in the sports betting market.” The main activities of the project are:

  • Inside betting – work in the bookmaker’s market on the basis of unique insider information. Insider information is important information unknown to the public and making it possible to predetermine the possible outcome of a sports event;
  • Courtsiding – a transfer of information about the outcome of a match directly from the event venue with the purpose of placing bets online. A short time delay occurring during the match transmission makes it possible to place bets on already completed games, the outcomes of which we already know.

Project in the forum is represented by its administrator who is open for communication. In parallel, the administration conducts its activities in social networks.


Website is the minimalism and simplicity of use. There is no abundance of bright and vivid images and chaotic randomness. It is immediately evident that the site was made by knowledgeable and experienced specialists, which also is evidenced by the label at the bottom of the page.

In terms of content, the website contains informative and qualitative texts. The project conducts its live blog with news about the projects, and useful information about investing and the world of sports betting.

Personal account does not contain anything superfluous. From the very first minutes it’s easy to sort out what is what, and the huge button “INVEST” is unlikely to be missed.



As such, project has only one investment plan. It is possible to change the maturity of the deposit and together with it the overall profitability. Also note that the yield is also affected by the fact of interest accrual will be selected: weekly payments or leaving interest on the account.

When dividing by months (and with the condition of weekly interest payments), the yield is as follows:

  • Investment for a period of 3 months – yield 7.5% per month (22,5% for the whole period);
  • 4 months – yield 8% per month (32% for the whole period);
  • 5 months – yield 8.5% per month (42.5% for the whole period);
  • 6 months – yield 9% per month (54% for the whole period);
  • 7 months – yield 9.5% per month (66.5% for the whole period);
  • 8 months – yield 10% per month (80% for the whole period);
  • 9 months – yield 10.5% per month (94.5% for the whole period);
  • 10 months – yield 11% per month (110% for the whole period);
  • 11 months – yield 11.5% per month (126.5% for the whole period);
  • 12 months – yield 12% per month (144% for the whole period).

Since there is a possibility of investing not only in rubles, but in dollars and euros, the website has its simple and understandable calculator.




Most of the HYIPs can be figured out, censured in undisguised deception and written off from the account in the very first minutes of exoring and analyzing. The overwhelming part, but not the hero of our review.

It is made qualitatively and in restrained style. The yields are realistic and do not show us sky-high results. This HYIP certainly is not catching stars from the sky. At the end of the year, project even provided results from several accounts from which the bets were made. 

The design of the website is pleasing to the eye and is convenient to use. It’s understandable, because website was made by the agency.

The texts are compiled correctly, and the blog is frequently updated with good articles. Legend, although watery, but still considerable effort was devoted to its development. Even the fact that all the content of the website is written by experts (content studio) from the side cannot be perceived in a negative way.


However, after the thought battles of the project’s representative with moderator of the forum and detailed study of the project on the plausibility… pop up a few things that make you think about its reliability. Further on the points:

  1. Doubtful facts, excessive talkativeness, watery arguments.

The legend of the project and the style of communication of his representatives on the forums, consists of 99% of the water. Moderators attempts to get the facts out of the project fail. The answers to the questions contain even more blurry statements.

And the plausibility of submitted statistics and chance of fake accounts in the videos are also extremely questionable.

  1. Lack of transparency.

It is important to take into account the fact of how openly and publicly administration behaves. If the project is worthwhile and truthful there is no need to hide your face. And although at the forums representatives of RespectBet are ready to join a debate, but information about who is behind the project is missing. 

 «RespectBet is a team of dedicated professionals who are thoroughly versed in sports». 

And who is this team? What are they? What kind of experience is behind them?

There is no legal entity, as well as understanding with whom you are dealing.


  1. Weak activity.

Instagram with fake subscribers from the Middle East. Half-dead group in Vkontakte without any reaction to the posts. 

But the main thing – when you are submitting a form for investing, the contract number is indicated. And at the time of the test (04.01.2018.) the number was 175. For the year of work… 175 contracts (including canceled and unpaid). About 14 contracts per month. Even taking into account the minimum threshold for deposit (200 USD), the results are still funny. 

The weak activity is also indicated by the fact that administration promised to raise the already high entry threshold, but this words did not find their confirmation in practice. 


As a result, there could be two outcomes: 

  • There is another one partisan,
  • Or, most likely, this is just not a very successful project, which will disappear as quietly, as appeared.


And if there is someone who still want to invest their money in this project, I advise you to limit the amount of deposit to a little more than the minimum and invest not longer than for a 4 months.

But it is far better to find a more interesting project for your funds. New season of HIYPs ahead and I am pretty sure that we will witness pleasant surprises from the newcomers.


Denis Stefanov. Especially for