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Review on Millenium: a company with a capital of $ 8,000,000 and an office in a residential suburb of London

Hello, our dear readers of the blog!

Spring has come, and with it came a lot of projects that is worth to pay some attention on. Today, on our review, under our microscope, a HYIP … in its own unique way. Its strengths are exactly proportional to the mistakes made by the project administration. Nevertheless, the project passed its first psychological stage – the first 30 days of existence, but ahead is the new frontier – the end of the season.

According to all traditions of our review, we will initially independently go through the main aspects of the HYIP, and at the end we finalize the personal review.



Foundation / start of the project:


Yields:from 2.8% to 4.4% daily
Duration of deposit:50 days
Affiliate program:3-level, 7%-2%-1%
Payment systems:

Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer,

NixMoney, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP)




  • Officially registered in UK legal entity (Reg. 11018154);
  • SSL-certificate with GreenBar from Comodo;
  • DDOS-protection from CLOUDFARE;
  • Script from GoldCoders;
  • Dedicated server.



According to the legend, “… Millenium is one of the most successful traders. Millenium have developed and applied a fully automated trading system based on trading experience, mathematical analysis and innovative software. Millenium generates a transparent system of hedging risks, which automatically divides Your Deposit between different automated trading strategies.”

Also, team of professional financial specialists, who quickly and effectively analyze the cryptocurrency market and various ICO projects, is working on a constant increase in profits of the company, which in turn contributes to the rapid growth of our assets and financial capabilities. It is this moment that makes it possible to pay our stated high profits to each investor. The purpose of our investment Fund is to provide regular profits for private investors with minimal risks.



Website, speed of response and ease of use are extremely high-level. Simplicity and ease of use and navigation on the website leave a positive impression. To the positive impression, we also refer to the fact that minimalism of design testifies to the experience and good preparation of the administration of the project – they know what to draw the attention of the user, and what to exclude altogether.

The language of communication in its style is formal, which also leaves a favorable impression about the HYIP. The content is well-developed and is informative as a result of the good work of the administration and the involved copywriters.

The personal cabinet of the HYIP is integrated with the rest of the site according to its concept. There is all the necessary tools and statistics about personal deposits.



As in design, and in investment plans, one main feature of the HYIP Millenium is minimalism.

The project offers to our attention three investment plans for a period of 50 days each:

  • 8% of the yield per day ($ 10-$ 1000);
  • 5% of the yield per day ($ 1001 – $ 4000);
  • 4% of the yield per day ($ 4001-$ 10,000).

Simple and understandable. Only here we ask you to take into account the following points:

  • Payments are made only on working days;
  • The deposit is already included in the payments. With a deposit – an ordinary trick, when the received yield, in fact, is lower than the declared. After all, in the same 2.8% of the profit per day is already included in the payment made by you and your deposit;
  • The calculation is not introduced to the principle of compound interest, at which, at the end of each period, the accrued interest becomes the principal amount.



And now I propose to summarize and sum up the things that was said above. The recall, for greater visibility, will take the form of a direct appeal to the administration of the HYIP Millenium.

If I had a hat, I would take it off in front of you, as a gratitude gesture … but only if we are talking about the external (visual) components of the project. The website is designed for 10/10. The website is not overloaded informatively and represents a complete project with a precisely formed concept.

Investment plans are balanced and offer adequate profitability (in the context of HYIPs, of course). The terms of the deposit circle in 50 days are not in trend now, as investors are mostly interested in playing hot potatoes game with shorter terms and higher yield rates. However, such plans will be interesting to conservative investors who expect a moderate profit, but in the long term. It is also worth noting that of the 3 plans, only the first one with the entrance threshold of up to $ 1000 is of real interest. Because investing more than $ 1000 for such a period is an unreasonable decision in this case.

The legend of the project, although it is a cliché in the square, is formulated without a vivid opportunity to cling to blatant stupidity. A good tactic is to write about something with an air of seriousness, more precisely – having said a lot and do not say anything in the end.

But right in the legend we can find that very hole. A break that can destroy the whole image of a serious company that you tried so hard to reproduce.

If we lie, then let’s learn to do it beautifully and correctly.

Let’s start with the company’s office, and then quickly go over the documentation. This will be enough for the depositor to understand all the falsity of the legend and the absence of any real activity. 


Let’s go to the quiet suburb of London – Ilford. Based on the photos available on the website of the project, we see quality office space with the company logo almost in every corner. Will this image find its confirmation in reality?


Mmm … no. We can observe a number of apartment houses (townhouses), a scavenger and a child who peeks out from a window, how we can assume, of the office of the company with capital, ostensibly, at $ 8,000,000. And where is that gloss and pathos, which we see in photos of your office space?

But now about the capitalization and the nature of business. From the materials that are available to the public, we can single out 2 points – the officially registered capital of the company is 50 pounds (25 for each of the co-founders), and the nature of business of “… one of the most successful trader companies

…” is another service activity that is not classified anywhere. Since when has the activity of the investment fund, which deals with the trust management of funds, falls under none of the already existing categories?



What do we get in the balance? Classic HYIP in a beautiful wrapper with a pyramid payout structure. If you invest in it, then only now – until June. Further, the risk of the scam is too great and the moderate rate of return is not too attractive to take such a risk on your wallet.

In conclusion, I wish you, dear readers, to remain reasonable and to pass any decision about investments through your own prism and evaluate them only by yourself. Good luck in the fields of high-yield investments!


Denis Stefanov. Specially for