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Added: 02.06.2018


Review on Crypto Bulls: bitten off more than they could swallow.


Hello, our dear readers of the blog!

It’s a bird! This is a plane! This is … super-HYIP Crypto Bulls. At least, it is in this light that each of the reviewers in our industry wants to exhibit this project. Therefore, guided solely by the lively interest, in this review we will closely check the compliance of the compliments with reality.

While under the loud ringing of the earned dollars, each of the reviewers considers that it is their direct duty to lick and kiss this HYIP… We will, by tradition, independently walk through the main sides of the HYIP, and at the end of our review we will sum up the personal recall.




Foundation / start of the project:



from 1% to 2% daily

Duration of deposit:

from 15 to 75 days

Affiliate program:

6-level, 12%-8%-5%-3%-1%-1%

Payment systems:

Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin






  • SSL-certificate with GreenBar from GeoTrust;
  • DDOS-protection from CLOUDFARE;
  • Self-written script;
  • Dedicated server.  





According to the legend, Crypto Bulls Asset Management LTD is a hi-tech, innovative company. At the heart of our activity – usage of scientific achievements of cryptocurrency mining and processes of the Blockchain algorithms optimization providing harmonious and maximum efficiency of work of all company divisions.

As well as Crypto Bulls Asset Management LTD – the multi-purpose, professionally configured financial mechanism united in the uniform system of a profit generating by means of the international, highly skilled experts team capable to solve any problems associated with mining and trading cryptocurrency and the fiat funds and also the first-class experts capable in the shortest possible time to optimize trading processes for obtaining the best commercial results. Our company works at the North American market since 2014, successfully increasing the number of clients and earning high business reputation and the best business recommendations. And now has come the time for expansion worldwide of values, vision and the strategy of the strengthened and formed of a business project by means of the best in the world information technologies.



The site does not represent anything extraordinary. Comparing with other, more successful in terms of design and usability, projects, Crypto Bulls does not have a clear and unified style in design. The text part is much more prevalent, which complicates the navigation on the site.

If we talk about content, then, in fact, this aspect is worked out. Although there is a lot of text, it was worth a lot of effort to write this amount of information. Again, if this is not a copy / paste that goes from project to project. Nevertheless, all the main tabs and positions are available, and the general style of writing does not create problems in perception.

Unlike the site itself, the personal cabinet is distinguished by its simplicity of design. It’s much easier to navigate in tabs and ease of use is much higher. It is easy to understand how to make money in one of the proposed investment plans, and to observe the statistics of payments.


The project has only 6 investment plans, while for the real and reasonable investment, only the first two can be considered.

More details about investment plans:

  • Simple – yield 1% per day (investment period 15 days);
  • Comfy – yield 1.2% per day (investment period 25 days);
  • Perfect – yield 1.4% per day (investment period 35 days);
  • Smart – yield 1.65% per day (investment period 50 days);
  • Grand – yield 1.85% per day (investment period 60 days);
  • Prime – yield 2% per day (term of investment 75 days);




In the end, dear friends, I want to draw your attention once again to the title of this review – bitten off more than they could swallow. Indeed, the administration of the project in the legend set itself a very high bar, where it almost beat itself in the chest, screaming about world domination.

But what do we have in the dry residue?

The design of the site is difficult for perception because of the huge amount of textual information and is a pun. Looks, in comparison with more successful projects, very cheap.

Investment plans also offer a too small and unattractive rate of return, unless, of course, you are willing to invest more than $ 25,000. After all, there are now more interesting projects that allow you not to invest such funds for such a long time, but the rate of return is from 2% per day.

We also want below to cite four points that are the most common mistakes of the administration and are logically incompatible with reality facts:


  • Statistics of visiting the site – we all remember how the administration screamed about its roots and the company’s main focus in the US. Only now, according to the publicly accessible data of the Alexa portal, the main stream of visitors comes from India, Brazil and Germany.


  • Date of foundation of the company – according to legend, the company was founded in 2014 and since then has been actively developing. We reject the absence of any information in the Englishlanguage media and look at the official documents. The company was registered very recently – in March 2018. Was the activity under a different name? Hardly. Administration about such an important point did not even bother to mention.

  • Company activities – What does the legend say? Asset Management? In reality, we have – consulting and management. Just management, but not asset management. Since the sphere of funds management has a high degree of regulation and, if all this is true, the company, in addition to the only registration certificate, would have, as a minimum, licenses from the US Treasury and local authorities to conduct such activities.

  • Rumors among the main blogs about HYIPs – If you even skim through the articles on various blogs related to this project, you can see the following statements:
    • “The project is perfectly assembled, the administrator in the past helped to made good money – I recommend”;
    • “There are rumors that the admin here on experience and his past projects have made good money.”

Obviously, they were paid for advertising, but this is one thing. Another thing – open text says that this is not the first project of the admin. And where are the rest? Scammed. Gave it good to make money? But what about those who did not receive the promised payments at the time of the scam? 

In the end, I just want to say that you should not waste time and money on this project. The fact that this is another scheme with an empty legend and so it is understandable. One could play traditional hot potatoes, but yield rates are generally unattractive against the backdrop of existing projects.

Verdict for the Crypto Bulls is only one – to understand, forgive and forget.


Denis Stefanov. Specially for