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Review on CASHBERY: a HIYP-superhero or… a supervillain?

Greetings, dear quests of our blog!

It’s always interesting to see the projects in the HIYP arena that be or at least try to be thoroughly. All this serious marketing with a multi-dimensional promotion strategy as well as technical part without a single bit of negativity.

Right today, on our review, we have such a hero – CASHBERY, the financial platform that provides microloans and P2P lending.

The project started its activity on 19.01.2017. and already from the starting point aroused a serious stir. And on the eve of a significant stage – the year of existence, we can see how the promo company is gaining momentum and how advertising space from the top representatives of the Russian-speaking blogosphere is being bought up at a frantic pace like hot buns.

I propose to understand from our review whether it is agony of death or an application for solidity and long-term play.



Stat of the project:



up to 22% per month

Duration of the deposit:

15 or 400 days



Affiliate program:

Five-level, without the possibility to withdrawal in case of inactive deposit

Payment systems:

Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, QIWI, OkPay

Bank transfers:

Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, MIR, Tinkoff, Promsvyazbank, VTB24, Russian Standard


Manual (within 72 hours) and applying for withdrawal once a week (Friday)




In project of this magnitude, parsimony is not the right decision. And it is not a shame to show the filling:

  • Officially registered legal entities – CASHBERY, LLC (BIN 1166196110981), MFI CASHBERY, LLC (BIN 5077746931928), Cashbery Limited, LLC (Nr. 10462479);
  • SSL-sertificate with Green Bar from Comodo;
  • DDOS-protection from CloudFare;
  • Unique script;
  • Dedicated server.




Special attention should be paid to this particular side of the CASHBERY project. Because website is a one thing, but the uniqueness of the project is always created by its legend.

CASHBERY was founded by experienced professionals under the leadership of Arthur Vardanyan, head of the project, who is certainly not against publicity. According to the legend, this projects is “… a fully-featured investment service where you can both receive funds and issue them to the other platform users.” And allows you to “…invest by issuing microloans to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the service users on security. The yield on investments can be up to 600% per annum. And many types of bonuses for the activity, the opportunity to trade the company’s shares may be a source of high income for you.”

Promotion strategy has been well calculated since the launch of the project. HYIP organically develops both sides: online and offline (events and promotions outside the web). References to the project can be found in advertising integrations and contextual advertising.

Interesting is the fact that CASHBERY aims to create added value and strong social image through charity “Foundation of good deeds” and own created content (blog, webinars and video instruction, Business Academy, etc.).


“Tons and tons of information” is the first thought when you visit the website for the first time. Certainly the project team worked on glory filling pages with content. Even after long contemplation, you continue to find previously unreleased materials.

The website design is unique, but in the first few minutes it is difficult for perception. Apparently, the administration understood the amount of information they send on the heads of the newcomers and devoted time on creating educational videos.




For investment there are available 6+1 investment plans with the amount of deposit ranging from 1 000 RUB up to 10 000 RUB:

  • Microloans for individuals – 0,8% daily for 400 days. Total revenue for the period – 320%;
  • Loans for small and medium enterprises – 9% daily for 400 days. Total revenue – 360%;
  • Financing secured by property – 1% daily for 400 days. Total revenue – 400%;
  • Urgent loans – 55 % daily for 15 days. Total revenue – 8%;
  • CRYPTO – from 0.5% to 1.5% daily. The investment is considered completed upon reaching + 100% of the investment body. Only for BTC and ETH currencies;
  • Tariff «М» – from 0.5% to 1.5% daily. The investment is considered completed upon reaching + 100% of the investment body. Only for BTC and ETH currencies;
  • Bankruptcy auction – this is a separate path of company’s development called “Auction league”. The essence of the investment plan is that the invested funds are transferred in trust. Further, the fund carries out the redemption of property from bankrupt companies with further resale. Auction league also has its own investment plans ranging from 125 to 500 day and yields from 0.53% to 1.33% per day.



OUR REVIEW (+ bonus – fraud scheme of CASHBERY):

Before giving a feedback about the project, I bow to its creators. The amount of work done is huge! You can imagine all these sweat, blood and tears that have been spent on creating it.

The technical part is made according to all canons. Investors are reliably protected from the impact of third parties. Stability and security is assured.

Investment plans are balanced and have their limits. Short-term plan on 15 days is also tightly regulated, that prevents shake of the system. Unless… it is necessary to take into account that the deposit is non-refundable and is already included in the payment. Therefore, the yields will be a priori below claimed numbers.

The design of the website and the convenience of its use are also at the highest level. The Administration is keen to make it convenient and easy to use platform. It is also understandable, HYIP wants to play long-term game and show its reliability.

But right at this stage a sense of trickery comes into the mind. What’s wrong? In the eyes rushes abstruse and inspirational texts, videos and slogans. The soil from under the feet is knocked out by a combination of selling content and individual terms that will not be understood by most of the users. All together creates an aura of competence and success. Another psychological ploy. Let’s not forget that we are dealing not with the standard HYIP-project.

We smoothly move to the basis – the legend of the project. The gist is clear. Microloans. Return on investments for depositors is ensured by providing loans to other private or legal entities. It would be logical to assume that if the project is widely known for investors, then there should be the same proportional demand by borrowers.

Am I right? No.

It is difficult to find online a decent amount of adequate feedbacks and evidences that CASHBERY provides financing. It turns out that investors at the highest probability do not lend their money to Uncle Petya or Aunt Motya, but directly the very platform. The CASHBERY part of funds threw back to pay interest on payments and the rest spend to maintain their image and bloat the marketing bubble.

By the way, about the marketing bubble… Advertising from bloggers, as well as statements of the head of the platform look like almost believable. The only problem is the lack of facts in them. While you can deal up with blogger with ruble (remember online casino and binary options). In short, it is okay to speak beautifully and a lot, but where is stats? CASHBERY does not provide any financial statements and does not please investors with specifics and mathematics.

The fascination also added by the fact that the project hides the documentation. At the ENG-version of the website you can find the documentation that we would not find on the RUS-version.

After a detailed study of contracts and agreements, puzzle forms a very interesting pattern. And on this you and I will linger a little more closely.

Microfinance Institutions (MFI) CASHBERY, LLC was founded in the 2013, but then in the 2016, according to the register, has been overbought. Like CASHBERY, LCC, MFI CASHBERY, LCC (you can be easily confused, but it is 2 different entities) now registered in the name of Roman Alekseev (CFO at CASHBERY). And all would be nothing, but Alekseev owns another 16 companies, most of them are under liquidation.

Scheme of withdrawal the funds and avoiding responsibility is the following:

  1. By law, MFIs do not have the right to raise funds for loans from individuals for an amount less than 1 500 000 rubles. Proceeding from this, the creators of the project decided to attract funds on behalf of CASHBERY LIMITED, LLC through an intermediary agent CASHBERY, LCC (not MFI!). Both companies are signed the agent agreement, according to which no claims can be made to CASHBERY, LLC in case of a scam.
  1. Do all these funds really go to CASHBERY LIMITED? It is unlikely. Not. On the website you can find sample of an agreement between the lender (investor) and CASHBERY LIMITED. But, even ridiculous, agreement is not signed by the parties and, hence, has no legal force. Perhaps, following the usual scheme, the funds are deduced straight to the fake drop accounts.
  1. Further, in theory, CASHBERY LIMITED must allegedly transfer those funds to MFI CASHBERY, LCC. Even they showed us signed loan agreement. According to which CASHBERY LIMITED loans 2 500 000 rubles at a 600% annual interest to MFI CASHBERY, LCC. But the agreement is fictitious and has no legal force, since all the details and terms of the tranches are specified in the mysterious supplementary agreements.

So… Why CASHBERY, LCC has not entered into agreement straight with MFI CASHBERY, LCC? Why there is a need of a foreign gasket? Easy. Because in case of a scum all claims and lawsuits will go abroad straight to an offshore company, which can be flooded.

But there is an icing on the cake. Another significant fact.




By the decision of the central bank of Russia dated June 23, 2017., MFI CASHBERY, LLC is excluded from the register of microfinance institutions.

What are you saying? IPO in August 2018?

Honestly, are there ever any comments needed? When whole their legend in fact collapsed like a house of cards…

Waiting for scam.

Good luck and be careful on the field of HYIP-projects!



Denis Stefanov. Especially for