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Added: 12.03.2018


Review on Blockchain Alliance: possible applicant for joining HYIP-veterans?

Hello to all readers of our blog!

Today on review we have a conditional oldie – HYIP Blockchain Alliance. Though oldie – too loud, but nevertheless the project can be described as mature one. Behind the project is one successful season and prerequisites of scam is not observed. 

From our independent review, I suggest you to find out whether it is worth stopping your eyes on this HYIP or it is better to bypass it. By tradition, in the first part of the review, we will express the first impression on the main points of the project and end this with personal review.


Start of the project:



from 12% to 18% per month

Duration of deposit:

from 3 months to 1 year

Affiliate program:

3-level, from 5% to 7%-2%-1%

Payment systems:

Perfect Money, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex Money


Manul (till 5 days)




  • Official registered in Belize legal entity (reg. 166863);
  • SSL-certificate with GreenBar from Comodo;
  • DDOS-protection from DDOS Guard;
  • Unique script;
  • Dedicated server.



According to the legend, Blockchain Alliance is an investment and cryptocurrency trading center. The main purpose of this project is the creation of mutually beneficial financial mechanism for obtaining mutual benefits, where all parties remain in profit. According to the information available on the website, the company was founded in 2013. 

HYIP works “… with 36 cryptocurrencies in which we have a profound understanding. In trade operations we adopt a conservative approach without using leverage. The profit we get is not huge, but stable and safe. To ensure a financial security of our investors and partners, we have created a separate insurance fund, which operates automatically. In the event when traders may experience a temporary drawdown, we pay out dividends instead of traders, and later they replenish the expenditure. Therefore, financially you do not risk anything and your percent of profit will be fixed. It will not depend on phase of trading”.



The design of the site was clearly not the focus of the creators of the project. Despite the script itself, costs for creating the external appearance of the HYIP cannot be called significant. Site turned out simple and mediocre. There is everything necessary, but the gloss is absent. However, it is worth noting that the administration tried and paid attention to third-party resources. The project has pages in social. networks, and, most importantly, that they look alive, and not from start rolled and then forgotten. The site also has versions not only in Russian and English, but also in Spanish, Turkish and Chinese. There are several support channels – Skype, mail, groups in social. networks and feedback form.

The personal cabinet of the project is also without extra frills. The main sections located on the top panel are primitive, but they allow you to work. The question arises: did the administration not want to bother or did it simply lack the means (and / or) imagination?




The project offers to our attention 5 different plans. Literally, as in most other projects, the differences are only in the amount of deposits, profitability and timing. Logic is everywhere the same: more and for a longer investment – more interest on deposits. Return of the deposit body at the end of the due date, except for the last tariff plan. Ordering pay-outs on deposits takes places in the first days of each month. Payment will be done within 1-5 banking days depending on the payment system selected. Early withdrawal of the deposit is possible on a personal request; commission fee is 10%.

  • PRIMA (100 – 499 $) – Yield 12% per month for 90 days;
  • LIBERALIS (500 – 1999 $) – Yield 14% per month for 180 days. Monthly bonus 1-3%;
  • MIRA (2000 – 4999 $) – Yield 16% per month for 270 days. Monthly bonus 1-5%;
  • FEROX (5000 – 15 000 $) – Yield 18% per month for 360 days. Monthly bonus 1-7%;
  • LUXURIA (5000 – 15 000 $) – Yield 12% per month for 360 дней. Return of the deposit every month by 1/12 part of it.


History of HYIP projects have seen many cases when such moderate projects dragged their existence for more than a year. On average, keeping on 3-4 seasons. Therefore, given the quiet marketing strategy of the project and balanced rates on investment plans, you can be sure that this project will celebrate its anniversary.

However, there are moments for which it is still worth stopping your attention. A fly of tar in a dubious barrel of honey, so to speak. And after each, he himself can decide – to look for another HYIP or still invest in the proposed.

In the eye rushes the following:

  • Weak activity. According to data from sources such as Alexa and others, the project is very sluggish. This, of course, is not an indication that the project is about to wait for a scam. But still for the administration sooner or later there will be a question: is the game worth the candle? Then it will be decided to close the shop right away or wait for another peak of activity, and then dissolve in the air.
  • The first thing that cut eyes – this is the first line of the legend of the project. “The company was founded in 2013 on the background of a huge increase in basic crypto-currencies, after they entered the NASDAQ exchange.” NASDAQ? What relation does the American stock exchange, which specializes in high-tech companies (electronics, software, etc.) have to cryptocurrencies? Such a gross reservation could be made either by the last dilettante or by a clever cheat, whose purpose is to lure those who do not know with loud words. Also, being such a serious organization, the company does not provide any reporting. But because, most likely, there is simply nothing to provide. Too primitive approach for those who they expose themselves.
  • Transparency and general positioning. Referring to the last part of the previous paragraph, I want to note the documentation and location of the project. A more detailed examination of the project documentation raises the question of its authenticity.



I will not categorically state that this project is bad. You can go into it, but neatly. Therefore, I want to note that the PRIMA investment plan is the most adequate. The entry threshold is not so high, and a 90day deposit circle is not so risky.

In conclusion, I wish you, dear readers, to remain reasonable and to pass any decision on investments through your own prism and evaluate yourself. Good luck in the fields of high-yield investments!


Denis Stefanov. Specially for