Added: 11.01.2018

Review on Australian Inv: a quiet harbor in a stormy ocean?

Program is SCAM!!!
STOP! Do not invest here

Greetings, dear readers of blog!

The end of a season shook up the industry and secured investor, clearing of trash-type and low-quality projects. That is why, from the very beginning of the year, most of the newcomers please us with their thoroughness. As well as with the opportunity to make money, of course.

Today on the review we have a fresh and promising project. Australian Inv appeared on the horizon 08.01.2018. Although the official launch of the project took place on the end of November, 2017. 

Let’s see what interesting Australian Inv can offer us. And, as well, independently evaluate it with opposing viewpoints. 


Foundation / start of the project:

27.11.2017. / 08.01.2018


from 0.8% up to 1.2% per day

Duration of deposit:

from 20 to 100 working days

Return of a deposit:

In the end of a term

Affiliate program:


–  5% of the amount of deposits 

–  8% of the amount of deposits (30+ referrals)

Payment systems:

Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, QIWI, Yandex Money, VISA/MasterCard


Daily (00:00 GMT+11)


Our contribution:

501 USD



The care on the safety and protection of investors’ funds has taken properly. We can see:

  • Officially registered in Australia legal entity – AUSTRALIAN INV GROUP PTY LTD (Nr. 623 514 910); 
  • SSL-certificate with GreenBar from GeoTrust;
  • DDOS-protection;
  • A self-written and unique script;
  • Dedicated server.


According to the legend, the company trades in the FOREX market. In the management team there are “… the most advanced specialists in their field: traders who have vast experience in working on the stock exchange; economists and logisticians responsible for the return on investment; IT-specialists, whose work reliably protect the data of our investors.”.

The project has, rare thing, publications in the media. As well as on the main page of the website there are featured video-feedbacks from investors.



The face of every project, namely – his website, Australian Inv is made at very high level. Unique design was created by professionals in their field. Professionals who know how to make it so that it is comfortable to use and navigate.

The interface is available in Russian, English, Chinese and German.

The personal cabinet has nothing superfluous. For investors are immediately visible and available all the necessary statistics – balance, the funds, the amount of deposits and history of activity. A convenient menu on the right side of the page allows you to navigate easily through the tabs. 

For feedback, users can fill out the support form, use company’s official email and support phone.



The company provides 4 investment opportunities:

  • 8% per day for 20 working days – from 20 to 500 USD (Profit for the whole period – 16%);
  • 9% per day for 40 working days – from 501 to 3 000 USD (Profit – 36%);
  • 1% per day for 80 working days – from 3 001 to 20 000 USD (Profit – 88%);
  • 2% per day for 100 working days – from 20 000 to 1 000 000 USD (Profit – 120%);

It is worth to noting the fact: company offer to enter into a legal agreement with investors who deposit funds for the 3rd and 4th investment plans.


Mid-income projects are in a trend now. They are able to bring a good and stable profit not only for knowledgeable investors, but also to people who only make their first deposits.

But the aforesaid applies only to quality projects, and not to those made on the knee and obviously fraudulent pyramids.

That is why special please make this kind of projects as Australian Inv. Projects that do not run for astronomic interest rates and can work properly not only for one or two years. Guided by the principle “Make money yourself and let other make money”. 

Yes, we again can see some fuzziness of the legend and selling slogans that are not supplemented by facts. 

Yes, we admit the fact that the legend may be a fiction.

But besides the guesses, we can pay attention to the specific fats. Namely, how much effort and money were invested in the project.

The amount of funds and the amount of work spent on the design of the website, its script and security measures allows us to judge the intentions of the administration to play long.

Large deposits in the project from moderators of the main forums on investing and well-known blogs, also provides the necessary confirmation of the project’s reliability. As well as the company’s cooperation with VISA and MasterCard to ensure the possibility of payments directly from the card. 

I advise newcomers with a limited amount of money to go to the first investment plan. For wolves of investing and individuals who seek to significantly increase their savings I advise to use second investment plan.

To go further is already riskier in any project. Burying yourself too deep is never worth it. Whatever promising project would not be, do not lose your head from getting a good opportunity in your hands. 


Denis Stefanov. Specially for