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Insurance of investments in HYIP-projects: does it make sense to insure obviously unreliable investments

The very thought of insuring deposits in HYIP projects looks absurd, but, however, such a notion – and the phenomenon – is. We understand how to insure your contribution to a high-risk project and whether there is any sense in it. How it works The insurance program can run either the HYIP projects admin, or the “refovod” -investor, which draw subscribers to the project, or an foreign resource-aggregator of promotion…

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Developing pyramid: how to earn on referrals in HYIP-projects

When you achieve a certain level of development as an investor and financial consultant, your own referral network can bring profit that exponentially exceeds the interest from investing in high-yield projects itself and more than compensates for possible losses in inevitable scams. Let’s discuss in detail how to create this network.   Some words about referrals and referral (affiliate) programs Any project is interested in attracting “new blood”, i.e. new…

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HYIP projects: what HYIPs are and how to make money on them?

  Many people ran across vivid ads on the Internet, calling for making dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of percent of profits with minimum investments. Do you think it is scam? A financial pyramid? New “MMM”? Yes, it is true, but not for all of them. These semi-financial schemes have been known for several decades, being called by the abbreviation of HYIP – High Yield Investment Program, which can be…

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Sdr capital

  Review on SDR-CAPITAL: digital miners of the XXI century   Hello, dear readers of the blog!  Today we have a review of the HYIP, which, surprisingly, at first sight creates a favorable impression and who initially would like to believe. This mid-income project appeared just in the midst of a deficit, when in the middle of the season most worthy representatives retired, and the newcomers were made frankly…

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Crypto Bulls

  Review on Crypto Bulls: bitten off more than they could swallow.   Hello, our dear readers of the blog! It’s a bird! This is a plane! This is … super-HYIP Crypto Bulls. At least, it is in this light that each of the reviewers in our industry wants to exhibit this project. Therefore, guided solely by the lively interest, in this review we will closely check the compliance…

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  Review on Millenium: a company with a capital of $ 8,000,000 and an office in a residential suburb of London Hello, our dear readers of the blog! Spring has come, and with it came a lot of projects that is worth to pay some attention on. Today, on our review, under our microscope, a HYIP … in its own unique way. Its strengths are exactly proportional to the…

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Blockchain Alliance

  Review on Blockchain Alliance: possible applicant for joining HYIP-veterans? Hello to all readers of our blog! Today on review we have a conditional oldie – HYIP Blockchain Alliance. Though oldie – too loud, but nevertheless the project can be described as mature one. Behind the project is one successful season and prerequisites of scam is not observed.  From our independent review, I suggest you to find out whether…

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Ryna Holdings

  Review on Ryna Holdings: it is better to do nothing than do it badly  Project is SCAM. Do not invest! Hello dear visitors of our blog! Almost a month ago appeared a brand new long term HYIP, promising a moderate yield. It is interesting to note that the project places its main focus on an affiliate program based on network marketing. Unlike most representatives of the HYIP industry,…

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